Motor damages

The settlement of motor damages by insurance companies is not always carried out diligently and in compliance with the law. According to the statistics, up to 90% of people injured in an accident do not receive the full compensation from the offender's liability insurance or motor hull insurance. The research carried out by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority in 2014 showed numerous irregularities regarding timely payment of compensation or incomplete information.

At Salvum, we make sure that the drivers injured in car accidents receive fair compensation. We help at every stage of the investigation after the accident: at the time of reporting the damage, after rejected appeal and after receiving the reduced compensation. We check the validity of insurer's decisions for free, then we take actions to recover the understated part of the compensation by its repurchase or by taking legal actions. We adapt the solutions to the specific case and expectations of the aggrieved party.

The settlementt of motor damages is held:

  • in the form of compensation claim buy-back,
  • in court without the financial contribution,
  • in court with the own contribution.

Step by step

Contact us by phone or email.
Send us necessary documents: an estimate of the damage and the insurer’s decision about granted compensation. We will analyse your case and present an offer of the compensation repurchase.
Depending on the form of cooperation, you receive the money immediately (repurchase compensation) or after winning the case.
By selecting repurchase and liquidation without own contribution, you do not incur any risk or any costs.

Your benefits

Your application will be verified quickly and without obligation.
You receive a guarantee of the highest premium.
By choosing repurchase, you will receive extra money immediately.
We sign the contract in a convenient place for you.
You gain additional money without the risk of losing the already received compensation.
You increase the amount of compensation without losing time and costly involvement in a court case.

Motor damages

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